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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Attack of the Gifted Jewish Lesbian Guitarists

Attack of the Gifted Jewish Lesbian Guitarists. First up is Mimi Fox above, with a very butch cut but I held out hope that one day she would be mine. She's incredible in this clip by the way. I wish she would just cut a dvd with this band. Dumbass BET on J won't release her concert on DVD. And here's Kaki King. I think its her best live performance. She looks relaxed.

Then again...

Of course, it you're such a great lesbian Mimi then why are you sitting on Steve Vai's lap? Probably because he's just produced your two cd straight ahead jazz album, one in a group setting and one all solo pieces. I think I understand. So, when my 40 million dollar lotto ticket comes in: "Yes, is this Kaki King? I understand that you need a producer for your possibly not commercial acoustic Hawaiian marching music. I think I can help, but first: there's a lap I know that yearns and yearns for happiness, delivered with a big exuberant smile...."

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