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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No Taserin' Saturday but Breakin' News

Item: No taserin' at last Saturday's demonstration against military recruiting. But I see that there were donuts, the nemesis of overzealous police officers everywhere. Get news and photos here.

(pic of Hiroshima protest at CMU)

But there was some breaking news, I define "breaking" as the kinds of stories that corporate media either doesn't cover or cover enough to make a difference, about CMU's lucrative role in the War Machine. I found it over there at that fount of self-published useful information that is Indy Media.

There's a main story criticizing Caterpillar's role in investing in driverless drones. And there's also about 19 related stories that have been published in the last year or so. It looks like the "writers" include the people at No to War and our good friends the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, seen here shutting down a recruiting table at CMU. Good for them. I'm sure no one considers them a "terrist" organization.

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