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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Last Weekend's Around the Internets

August 12

Massive Weekend Can't Be Beat Edition of Around the Internets

Item: Stunning Around the Internets Collection from Daily Wireless

Item: New Online Broadband Network Called Our Media. Bad News: Only downloads with Explorer. Yipe.

Item: Speaking of Broadband, the FCC is turning its back on must carry rules. Read here for why. Short version: must carry created the Internets, which is probably the reason the Bush administration hates it so. Just as that awful energy bill was a blatant giveaway to oil interests, this is a giveaway to the telecoms. There might be some competition in the future if the internet works over powerlines (being tried in Monroeville as we speak) or my fave: google buys up a lot of fiber and does wi max and does the smart thing and works for universal coverage because that's where the money is. It would create a boom, again, for the rest of us and not just a couple of telecom companies. I just feel like the Bush administration is allowing predatory industry to serial rape me--for a price. Right now it's the oil industry I'm being molested by. I guess my gas prices will go down to a manageable 2 bucks a gallon when the next election comes by...And, as someone who feels like the 11 year old Thai girl smuggled abroad, Bush will be giving the key to known convicted telecom rapists over the next year or so who will visit frequently...I hate this President. I've never known a presidency where everything the guy did went against the public's interest. Everything.

Item: Nice Listing of Artists and Their Works

Item: Long live David Sirota. I'm adding him to the permalinks on the left. His arguments against the DLC make per- fect sense. What have we won with the DLC? Zippo. He was also in Pittsburgh last week where he gave a speech to the US Steelworkers, which was based on this essay.

Item: Broadcast has a new album out and they'll be touring. Philly is the closest they'll get to Pittsburgh. Or you can check out their live cuts here, under videos.

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