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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Chuck P. Gets Pro Choice Rival and Master Po's Advice (hey its free) to the Pennacchio campaign

Pennacchio Gets Pro Choice Opposition in Senate Primary. What luck. That would split the pro choice vote and allow Casey in a walk. The Dark Side is strong...even though I'm voting for Rendell! (thank you for saving public transit) Just don't like the tactics here. Would prefer another anti-choice democrat that's all..

"Superstition is like a magnet. It pulls you in the direction of your belief." - Master Po

Notes from Master Po to the Pennacchio campaign: The Weakness of both Santorum and Casey is their implicit argument that faith is better than reason. It isn't. The man who articulates the benefits of science (it's here now on this plane and not some imaginary other world) vs. the irrationality of the church (attack the clergy (James Dobson, please.), not the religion and if they overlap make the argument any way...) wins the debate, among rational people anyway. Casey is incredibly weak on stem cell research. Phrase the question this way grasshopper during the debate: "I can't believe my opponent would cede AMERICAN superiority in any technology. I suppose he also thinks that the world would be a better place if China and Russia had all of the Hydrogen bombs." For background information, study Chris Mooney and get an advance copy of his book "The Republican War Against Science". This is a stunning opportunity for the Democrats to become the Party of Progress, the Party of Science. It would also give you something to say to what I suspect are the mostly libertarian leaders of Pennsylvania's hi tech companies.

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