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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pennacchio Has My Endorsement. I wouldn't mind fighting for a Reform Democrat.

You may have seen this guy's ads at all over the usual suspect lefty blogs (Daily Kos, MYDD, Oliver Willis, etc...). I like what I've seen and heard at his site. His run sounds like another professor's grassroots run that I admired from long ago: Paul Wellstone. (I did offer him some advice through an email about not taking short plane rides...seems to be dangerous only for Democratic Senatorial candidates.)

He sounds like a Reform Democrat, or the Daily Kos definition of that phrase. (Would an alliance with Peduto be smart politics...the Reform Democrat slate? Sounds good to me.) I'll support whoever the democrats run against Santorum, but it would be nice if I could support someone who I could actually believe in. I suppose we've seen this debate before with Kerry vs. Dean. We ended up with the safe compromise candidate...did that work? I don't think it did. He didn't even fight for a vote that he was probably robbed of.

I wouldn't mind fighting for a fighter. Check out Chuck's give and take over at his Daily Kos entry. Oh, and as for that one guy who thought Chuck didn't have a chance, keep in mind that's what the Internets are for.

Uh, one word of warning: stay consistent on message, otherwise the attack ads will resemble this. Actually, given the Jeff Gannon GOP message machine these days, you might see it anyway. But don't make it easy.

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