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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

(Pgh. Tech) Around the Internets: Folks Blast the MC anti-global warming book, More on scary evolutionary computing and man made chimeras are Kewl...


Other Wondrous Pics of Titan (click the title link in order to go ahhhh...)

There have been justifiably rough reviews of Michael Crichton's new anti-global warming book. You can read this from the New York Times or you can read this critique from the Brookings Institute (where Crichton spoke) and Chris Mooney regularly picks on him on because its good clean fun.

Interesting New Tech Column That I'll Be Permalinking (Check out his interview with the creator of an open source TIVO-like product.)

Artificial Lifeforms that Evolve

Article on Computerized Home Fabs (From Gravity Lens who complained about the cliches of "It's soooo science fictional...")

Animal Hybrids, Which I'm Perfectly Comfortable With. As I've written in the past, I have always fancied a Bjork/doe chimera, which would no doubt die because of unbearable cuteness...

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