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Monday, February 21, 2005

AROUND THE INTERNETS: New Nan Blogs, More on Ohio Vote Fraud (900 pages of evidence) and Nathan Newman's Labor Blog

I just discovered Red Pepper, sort of a British Alternet.
Interesting site about direct democracy, which I'm researching. Don't be put off by the use of the word confederation. They're from Norway. (However, I refuse to call my new Martian society the Confederacy. Sorry.)
There's more on Ohio vote fraud case here. The attorneys who are pursuing this have provided about 900 pages of evidence. Both scary and depressing.
I found two new nan sites run by scientists here and here.
McGovern (That's former darkside CIA operative McGovern) on how it's a war for oil, if you haven't guessed already.
Interesting Overview of Digital Activism, and there's a link to something related.
Another Interesting Boycott Company

Bill McKibbon, who I often don't agree with, addresses the obvious conundrum/problem of how environmentalists can be against Wind.
New Fangled Drug Tests (Scary part of story: New Federal law that could allow for testing of drugged drivers--no matter how unimpaired you may happen to be.)
New Nanotech Display Screen

How to beat Napster's DRM scheme. Done, seemingly, within seconds.
Russian MP3s Sell for 20 cents a song.
Nathan Newman's Labor Blog.

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