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Monday, January 24, 2005

Support the Buy Blue Campaign

Please check out the Buy Blue link on the lefthand corner of Three Rivers Online. It's one way you can show your displeasure with the Bush administration more than once every four years. In other words, you must give up Walmart for Costco.

(Horrible Confession: I have shopped at Walmart even though I know how evil they are. I feel like those people in the Southpark cartoon. When we were registering voters before the election there were some cool places that allowed you to register without hassle. Most Giant Eagles, unionized, for example allowed us to register voters. Waterworks in Homestead shooed us away in under 30 minutes. Took Walmart about 10 minutes. Eeeeevil company that Walmart. SEIU union firebrand Andy Stern is planning a jihad against the Big W.)

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Anonymous said...

JOIN ANDY STERN!! Andy Stern and SEIU are working really hard at reaching out and involving the non-labor democratic base with Purple Ocean and a new anti-Walmart campaign. This is a chance to show support for labor and help spread the real facts about WalMart at the same time. If you want to get involved sign up here: I can watch my network grow and earn $1000 towards a fund for WalMart workers health insurance.