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Monday, January 17, 2005

The Return of Media Watch

When In Pittsburgh got bought out those many years ago, there were a number of columns and writers that just didn't seem to be too welcome. One writer was Kathy Jo Kramer, who wrote about life from a working class perspective and her adventures on Pittsburgh buses. There was a labor writer. And then there was the Media Watch. I wrote some of those columns and I'm proud to say those columns were some of my best work. I define best as relentlessly cruel, yet perceptive. New "alternative" ownership, however, effectively killed off those features. I suppose this is what gave me my first insight into how far right so called "alternative" media had gone.

Out here on the Internets, however, there is a free press. With that in mind, I now bring back Media Watch, which will not only feature our usual corporate media suspects, but bloggers of every stripe and hue, local and national...

Watch this space for updates.

1 comment:

Scooter said...

Didn't realize you were a fromer InPgh writer - I miss that old paper. Kathy Jo Kramer - what a blast from the past! I thought I was the only one who thought something was lacking in the City Paper...